We have moved to Sandy Balls pool for 3 sessions for this winter. We need to make this work and these three sessions will be used to see if the bookings can be extended.

Generally over the winter months (October to March)  the club organises sessions in a pool.

These are organised to allow members to practice skills in warmer water conditions and to catch up with friends and just have fun.

They are run without formal structure, although a designated leader to take charge of each session, but often groups of paddlers will support each other and share techniques to help develop/polish that elusive roll.

There is a charge per boat to contribute to the costs of the sessions - currently £5.00 - but no pre-booking is required.


Please follow these few basic rules:

  • When the sessions are well attended, there should be a realistic limit on the number of boats in the pool at any one time (less than 20) and, if necessary, we all take turns.
  • Boats should be clean when they are brought in – sand, mud, beetles, leaves, bits of sponge, and sandwiches from the last trip, etc. should be cleared out before hand.
  • Take care of the sides of the pool, don't seal launch!
  • No one should swim in the pool when others are paddling. The edge of a blade in the face is a real hazard.