Where a club trip takes place over a weekend we cater for the lunches Saturday and Sunday and a supper on Saturday evening. The Friday evening is generally left for you to fend for yourself as we all tend to travel and arrive at different times. The costs of accommodation, purchase of goods is divided by the members. Members that have brought provisions will reimburse when the final costs for the weekend are calculated.

The trip organisers will co ordinate volunteers to help with the provisions generally split by meal types:

  • Breakfasts (Saturday and Sunday): Bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes mushrooms, cereal, milk, butter, tea, coffee, preserves, etc;
  • Lunches (Saturday and Sunday): Rolls, drinks, fillings /cold meats , pickle, salad, choc bars, fruit and crisps, etc;

  • Supper (Saturday): Saturday evening meal might be prepared at home and then bring it along frozen or prepared on the night. Generally this is meal is in the form of a curry or chilli but is only limited be the imagination on the club member.

We rely on volunteering for cooking meals, washing up, tidying up, getting logs, making tea/coffee, setting out the crockery, etc. Many hands make light work and getting the jobs done quicker means we get on the water quicker, or down the pub sooner!

When we come to leave, we need to clean the place up again many hands make light work and get the jobs done quicker means we get on the water quicker, get home earlier.