All trips are organised by volunteer members of the club whether on or off the water, the club relies upon the members to take the time to plan and organise these events. If you want to paddle in a particular location - either somewhere you have been and would like to share with other members or somewhere you would like to go then step forward and organise the trip.There are many paddling locations that require little more than a date and time to turn up for a paddle. Others locations may need a little more planning in terms of tide, weather or accommodation but there are many members of the club who are willing to offer support to members organising trips.


Additionally there are many guidebooks with good paddling ideas and online sources of trip details in the Useful Links pages.


Arranging an event or trip is a great way for newer members to become involved in the club. Organiser may wish to arrange the logistics of a trip but ask someone with more experienced to double check the paddling plan or to support on the water.


Each paddler is expected to play a part in ensuring that the group is safe and where needed will follow direction provided by the more experienced members. While the prime responsibility is on the individual paddler to understand their own limits, if someone is trying to undertake a trip beyond their capability the trip organiser or other club members will step in and advise against it. This is to ensure that the group as a whole is able to safely enjoy the planned trip.