Ringwood Canoe Club was formed in 1987 with the primary aim of introducing people to the fun of canoeing. The club is affiliated to the British Canoeing is principally a 'recreational' one and has grown steadily over the years and has now settled at approximately 100 members, most of whom live within a 20 mile radius of Ringwood.

 We believe in competing against the elements and not each other in a wide range of canoeing and kayaking disciplines from placid river and open sea trips, through to surfing and white water. The club caters for people of all canoeing abilities from novice to experienced paddlers. While the club does not have a specific juniors’ section, many children have been introduced to canoeing through our family memberships.

 The club there are no fixed premises, we meet regularly at Mudeford during the summer and hold Pool Sessions at local pools in the winter, throughout the year we also organising a wide variety of day and weekend trips. The club also goes to considerable lengths to ensure that non-canoeists are not left out with many events accommodate the entire family including: summer picnics, barbecues, beer and skittles evenings and weekend trips away.


As a club wanting to focus on the enjoyment of paddling we look to keep formal rules to the minimum. Club policy documents are found here and members should make themselves familiar with these. 

Day to day  we would like members to consider the following guidelines to ensure the club can continue to operate effectively:

  • Paddle Safely - Know your paddling limits and paddle in conditions that will develop these but not over whelm them.
  • Group Awareness - Be aware of the limits of others in the group and ensure that they are paddling safely
  • Participate Actively - Join in meetings, organise events and pay membership dues on time.
  • Family - Under 18's paddle must be under the supervision of their parent or guardian.

 If in doubt please ask the advice of a more experienced members for some friendly advice to ensure everyone enjoys the club.